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What moves the castle

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  • Opening as a boutique hotel
  • The Schlosshotel Brilon-Wald shines in new splendor with 21 individual and modern rooms. The “Restaurant am Schlosshotel” enchants with a new interpretation of Westphalian cuisine.
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  • Start of the construction site
  • Purchase of the castle hotel by the Lienenbecker family. The building is extensively renovated and rebuilt. Barrier-free areas will be integrated, an elevator will be added and a relaxation terrace will be added
  • Opening of the Park Hotel
  • The hotel, which is now known as the “Schlosshotel”, was sold and then used as a hotel and restaurant for the first time.
  • Pulmonary sanatoriums for women suffering from tuberculosis
  • After purchasing the building, it served as a military hospital. Due to the high occupancy rate, the clinic was expanded to include a building, which is now located above the Schlosshotel
  • Construction as an administration building
  • Westdeutsche Holzindustrie GmbH, already established in 1905, expanded. Clothespins and broomsticks were made here. Due to the high number of employees, an administration building was now required. However, the company went bankrupt in 1925, so the building was sold.

Our philosophy

“We want you to be able to be yourself with us, to enjoy your time out with us and to experience moments and events – our hotel is a feeling and each of you is a part of our story.”

We are career changers & it was clear to us from the start…

…that the hotel is not just a building that serves its purpose and consists of walls and furnishings. It is enlivened by the personalities who work here and come and go as guests. It’s a feeling and each of you is a part of our story. With you, we have the chance every day to meet enriching people and make you smile.

We want that…

  • You can just be yourself with us
  • You enjoy your time out with us
  • You decide which moments & events you want to experience

The castle is not just a hotel stay or a visit to a restaurant, but your retreat and your time to feast #FemmenAmSchloss . We want to give you the feeling of being at home without any stress – that is our daily motivation.

Now we have nothing else to say than that we look forward to your visit! 😊

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Experience what moves you and us.


Schlosshotel Brilon-Wald GmbH
Korbacher Straße 76, 59929 Brilon-Wald
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Mail: sh@schlosshotel-brilon-wald.de
Phone: 02961 78 69 10
Telephone availability: daily until 8 pm