Work with us in the Schlosshotel Brilon-Wald

“We’ve always done it this way” doesn’t exist with us!

Working where other make vacation


We are a family-run boutique hotel and see the castle not just as a building, but as a retreat to feel good. We want to evoke this feeling in everyone, because you can be yourself and easily integrate into our team.

To make your decision to work with us easier, we want to…

… Giving you the opportunity to contribute and implement your own ideas

… feed you during your working day in the castle

… offer you flexible working time models (part-time / full-time)

… grant you discounts if you want to visit the restaurant privately

Do you want to be part of the history of the Schlosshotel?


Normally, this is followed by a traditional job description and the presentation of the house.

We assume that you are aware of what defines your position in terms of content. You will certainly have looked at some things about us, otherwise you would not be on our job website.

Whether you are a career changer or have been working in the hotel and catering industry for years, you can become part of our castle family. We break out of classic patterns, which is why our first step in the application process is a question and answer sheet.

Temporary service / kitchen

1) Do you enjoy being part of a team and contributing to a great end result?

2) Doesn’t your work with the guest begin with a greeting or does it end with a farewell?

3) Your eye for detail does not deceive you when it comes to the ambience at the table?

Service (temporary / full / part time)

1) Pinot Noir is not the only wine you know?

2) Is it also super important for you to find everything in its place?

3) Pescetarians, gluten and lactose are not foreign words to you?

Kitchen help (temporary / part-time)

1) Does your Inner Monk love a tidy storage space?

2) You only have cloudy water in the Diemelsee and not in the sink?

3) Do you realize that a prepared workplace is essential for a smooth process?

Young chef (temporary / full / part-time) m/f/d

1) You know who owns the box?

2) You are in love with detail and your creative flow knows no bounds… well, until the plate is decked out?

3) Bimi & broccoli are different for you too?

Service line

1) Do you always imagine the end of the stories you listen to every day?

2) Can you reflect on yourself and be as sensitive to dishes as you are to different characters?

3) Do you keep a cool head even during boisterous wedding celebrations?

Cleaning (temporary / part-time)

1) Do you always get upset when lampshades hang crooked?

2) You find even the smallest squishy fingerprints on window fronts?

3) For you there’s only cloudy water in the Diemelsee and not in your accompanying bucket?

Please do not send us a classic cover letter by post. Just write us ( ) why you fit in with us and what you have done so far.


Schlosshotel Brilon-Wald GmbH
Korbacher Straße 76, 59929 Brilon-Wald
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Phone: 02961 78 69 10
Telephone availability: daily until 8 pm